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Reactions to Soy Andina and Cynthia’s dance at TheTimesCenter






60 more photos
by master photographer Doug Klostermann


"Great film—you're really making it happen for Peruvian culture!"
- Ana de Orbegoso, photographer

"Last night was wonderful. It made me that much more excited to head back down to South America!"
- Christina Gould, Allure Magazine

"On behalf of the VOCES steering committee, I would like to extend a big thank you and 'un abrazo' to you, Cynthia and Peter for a wonderful, memorable experience."
Patricia Sierra Sampson, Co- Chair Voces, the New York Times Latino Heritage Network

"Thank you for a beautiful event last night. I have been receiving such rave reviews from my friends and colleagues."
- Myra Limson, Senior HR Research Specialist, Diversity and Organizational Capability, New York Times Company

"Thanks to you, Peter, Cynthia and everyone else on your team—it was a pleasure to meet so many of
your friends and supporters."
- Desiree Dancy, Chief Diversity Officer and VP, Corporate Human Resources, The New York Times Company

"Cynthia's dance made a moving and bold statement about transformation...and made the film's message all the more powerful."
- Cindy Rodriguez, multimedia journalist

"Just great. We cried at the end, because we were so proud to be Peruvians, and able to witness the presentation at the TimesCenter! Bravo and thanx again!
- Carmen Guevara, journalist, Encanto de Gente

"Wonderful and inspiring—a great piece."
- Sheethal Shobowale, communications consultant, Leap Work

"I truly enjoyed SOY ANDINA. You did a great job of balancing both stories and making us care not only for Cynthia and Neli, but for our culture. The film also reminded that as a child I used to dance marinera and zamacueca at every school pageant. Great memories indeed. Gracias!"
- Dante Alencastre, filmmaker/activist

"I LOVED Soy Andina!!! What a great film! As a Peruvian, it was beautiful to rediscover my country through our dances. I would like to show your documentary to my students."
- Leticia Robles, Spanish instructor, Lafayette College

"I was bowled over by SOY ANDINA. A brilliantly-told story that immersed you in the diversity of Peruvian culture through its dance and music. It was great to see Cynthia grow and evolve beyond a dancer as she embraced her roots, especially with the guidance of her mentor, Nelida....You are a sensitive filmmaker who celebrates other cultures and infects us with the genuine passion you hold for it and its people. You're an absolute gem in the Latino and filming community.... You have inspired me to listen to Afro-Peruvian music today!

I spoke to Cynthia afterwards (that was the icing on the cake to have her modern dance performance follow the film as the true evolution of her dance [not to speak of the Peruvian dance company perform preceding your film]) and I asked to interview her for a series I am doing highlighting educated, professional Latinas who inspire and aspire for a Hispanic Heritage campaign I am producing entitled, WISE LATINA"
- Louis E. Perego Moreno, founder/producer, Skyline Features

"Muy informativa e interesante… muchas escenas me recuerdan a lugares
en mi querido Panama.  Hasta los bocadillos estuvieron estupendo al
igual que el vino."
 - Elsa Francis, Con Edison

Your film is...WONDERFUL!! grin It's
moving and informative and it gave me wanderlust to travel and
explore. You really did something special!
- Janet Saines (Perseus Books Group)

"Thank you for a lovely evening. That gathering and your TV broadcast
and everything else you've done with the film are a testament to your
powers, and a huge inspiration"

- Ina Parker, Represent Inc.



some photos from the event can be seen here:

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